FATHER: Lebbeus Knapp   MOTHER: Rachel Storms
DOB: 24 June 1778   PLACE: Haverstraw, Rockland, NY

SPOUSE: Mary McFarland June   PLACE: Haverstraw, Rockland, NY
DOM: abt 1811   NOTES:

DOD:   PLACE: Haverstraw, Rockland, NY
CEMETERY: Phillips-Knapp Cemetery??   LOCATION: Theills, New York

1. Matilda Knapp b. abt 1815 m. never married d. 4 March 1852 at 33 yrs, 3 mos, 2 da.
2. Lebbeus Knapp 3
3. Charlotte Knapp
4. Abraham Knapp
5. Jacob Knapp
6. James Knapp 2
7. Ann Knapp m. John I. Cole (b. abt 1811)
8. Emily Knapp



 SOURCES: Cole's History Of Rockland County (p. 183) - Lawrence R. Knapp - Knapp DataBase

NOTES: For years there has been an oral family tradition passed down from generation to generation that one of our grandmothers was a full blooded American Indian. We now think that if it is true Rachel Storms would be the grandmother we are searching for. We suspect that Rachel was a Seneca as she was from Hopewell Center, New York. I have been told many times that my great grandfather, Elmer E. Knapp, was one-fourth American Indian. From that calculation, the descending line from Rachel would result in Elmer being one-fourth Seneca (Iroquois.) If Rachel were a Seneca then all the children of James L. Knapp ( and all descendants of Lebbeus and Rachel Knapp) can claim Seneca blood as well. See the FAQs for more about this.


James L. Knapp's wife's grave has been found in the Phillips-Knapp Cemetery in Thiells, NY. James' grave has not been found but it it quite possible it is also in the Phillips-Knapp Cemetery and has not been uncovered yet.



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