FATHER: Nehemiah Knapp   MOTHER: Abigail Ferris
DOB: 21 June 1745   PLACE: Horseneck, Connecticut

SPOUSE: Rachel Storms   PLACE: Hopewell Center, New York
DOM: abt 1767   NOTES:

DOD: 14 March 1835   PLACE: Haverstraw, New York
CEMETERY: Phillips-Knapp Cemetery   LOCATION: Birch Drive, Thiells, NY
AGE: 89 years, 3 months    

1. Abel Knapp
2. James L. Knapp
3. Abraham Knapp
4. Sarah Knapp b. 1 Oct. 1782 Haverstraw, New York
5. Abigail Knapp b. 1785
6. Rachel Knapp b. 18 June 1787 Haverstraw, New York
7. Lebbeus Knapp 2 b. 2 Dec. 1789 d. 20 March 1858 m. Elizabeth Christie (b. 1796 d. 1876) 1 Jan. 1814 Haverstraw, NY (no children given)
8. Rebecca Knapp b. 17 April 1791 Haverstraw, New York
 9. Robert Knapp
10. William Knapp
11. Charlotte Knapp

CHURCH: First Presbyterian Church
LOCATION: Haverstraw, NY - On May 19th 1781 Lebbeus Knapp pledged 4 shillings a year to the church.

WAR/RANK: Revolutionary War - Private - New York State Militia
NOTES: Stationed in the Hudson River Valley around Haverstraw Bay - see Chester Knapp SAR form

Farmer ?
 Grandchildren of Lebbeus are elibigle for the DAR and the SAR if interested in joining.
SOURCES: Cole's History Of Rockland County (p. 183) - DeNoyelles Tree - Frances Ashby Wright - Knapp Ancestry from William C. Knapp - Frances Ashby Wright - Lawrence R. Knapp - Knapp DataBase
NOTE: Lebbeus Knapp is the first ancestor of Nicholas that settled in New York State. He and his three brothers, Jared, Silas and Jonas moved from Horse Neck (now Greenwich) Connecticut to Haverstraw New York in 1767. According to Frances Ashby Wright's papers Lebbeus served in the militia during the Revolutionary War between 1776-1781. He was enlisted for 17 months and during his entire service was engaged in guarding the shores of the Hudson River around Haverstraw Bay not far from West Point. He enlisted in the militia three times. Listed in the DAR Patriot Index.

Lebbeus Knapp Grave Phillips - Knapp Cemetery, Thiells, NY (click on photo for larger image)
 Lebbeus Knapp's headstone reads: In memory of Lebbeus Knapp who departed this life March 14, 1855 in the 84th year of his age. Now I have done with earthly things. And all to come is boundless bliss My eager spirit spreads her wings Jesus says come. I answer yes. The bronze plaque reads: Lebbeus Knapp 2nd REGT Orange County MIL Revolutionary War Jun 21, 1745 - Mar 14, 1834



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