FATHER: unknown   MOTHER: unknown
DOB: 11 October 1753 ?   PLACE: Hopewell Center, New York

SPOUSE: Lebbeus Knapp   PLACE: Hopewell Center, New York
DOM: abt 1767   NOTES:

DOD: 14 December 1837   PLACE: Haverstraw, New York
CEMETERY: Phillips-Knapp Cemetery   LOCATION: Birch Drive, Thiells, New York
AGE: approx. 84 years, 1 month, 3 days    

1. Abel Knapp
2. James L. Knapp
3. Abraham Knapp
4. Sarah Knapp b. 1 Oct. 1782 Haverstraw, New York
5. Abigail Knapp b. 1785
6. Rachel Knapp b. 18 June 1787 Haverstraw, New York
7. Lebbeus Knapp 2 b. 2 Dec. 1789 d. 20 March 1858 m. Elizabeth Christie (b. 1796 d. 1876) 1 Jan. 1814 Haverstraw, NY (no children given)
8. Rebecca Knapp b. 17 April 1791 Haverstraw, New York
 9. Robert Knapp
10. William Knapp
11. Charlotte Knapp

CHURCH: First Presbyterian Church
LOCATION: Haverstraw, New York


SOURCES: Coles History of Rockland County (p. 183) - Esther Rose - Frances Ashby Wright - Lawrence R. Knapp - Knapp Ancestry from William C. Knapp - Knapp - Knapp DataBase
NOTE: The Newark News (no date given) said Rachel had a sister Mary who married Joseph Allison, son of Benjamin Allison. She had another sister and a brother Robert. For years there has been an oral family tradition passed down from generation to generation that one of our grandmothers was a full blooded American Indian. We now think that if it is true Rachel Storms would be the grandmother we are searching for. We suspect that Rachel was a Seneca as she was from Hopewell Center, New York. I have been told many times that my great grandfather, Elmer E. Knapp, was one-fourth American Indian. From that calculation, the descending line from Rachel would result in Elmer being one-fourth Seneca (Iroquois.) If Rachel were a Seneca then all the descendants of Lebbeus and Rachel Knapp can claim Seneca blood as well. See the FAQs for more about this.

Rachel Storms Knapp's Grave Phillips-Knapp Cemetery, Thiells, New York (click on photo for larger image)
  Rachel Knapp's headstone reads: In Memory of Rachel wife of Lebbeus Knapp who departed this life 14th December 1837 Aged 81 years 5 months and 10 days Oh may we follow to the land where thou art gone before Where tears are dried by God's own hand And sorrows felt no more.



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