FATHER: Lebbeus Knapp   MOTHER: Rachel Storms
DOB: 19 February 1793   PLACE: Haverstraw, New York

SPOUSE: Sarah Phillips   PLACE: Haverstraw, New York
DOM: 1815   NOTES:

DOD: 19 February 1859   PLACE: Stony Point, New York
CEMETERY: Phillips-Knapp Cemetery   LOCATION: Thiells, New York

1. George Knapp
2. Hiram Knapp b. 26 October 1817
3. William R. Knapp b. 27 April 1819
4. Mary Ann Knapp m. Washington Waldron
5. Rachel Knapp m. Edward Hammond
6. Charlotte Knapp
7. Abigail (Abby) Knapp m. Samuel Springsteed
8. Margaret Knapp m. Charles Belding
9. Eveline S. Knapp


WAR/RANK: Robert fought in the War of 1812 and held the rank of Colonel.
NOTES: 83rd New York State Militia

 Robert and William were twins.
SOURCES: Cole's History Of Rockland County (p. 183) - Knapp DataBase - His headstone

  Robert Knapp's Grave
  Robert Knapp's Grave Plaque (click photos for larger image)

 Robert Knapp's Headstone reads: In Memory of Col. Robert Knapp who departed this life Feb. 19, 1859 AE. 65 Y'rs 9 Mo's & 21 Days None knew him but to Love him For if when we were enemys we were reconciled to God by the death of his son (illegible) We shall be saved by his life Romans 5 C 10 V (In the lower right hand corner is carved Atwill Peekskill. He made the headstone)  Robert Knapp's Plaque reads: Robert Knapp Col 83 NY State Militia War of 1812 Dec 9 1793 - Feb. 19 1853 (The plaque was added in September 2005)



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