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No living members of any of the familes on this web site are in this index.

Abel, Abigail (b. 1579), Abigail (b. 1671), Abigail (b. 1712), Abigail (b. 1785), Abigail (Springsteed), ABRAHAM (b. 1780), Abraham (b. 1800s), Albert D., Amelia, Ann,

Annie L.

Benjamin (b. 1673), Benjamin (b. 1704), Benjamin (b. 1731)

Caleb (b. 1635), Caleb (b. 1661), CALEB (b. 1677), Caroline, Carolyn, Catherine (b. 1789), Catherine (b. 1818), Charles, Charles T., Charlotte (b. 1796), Charlotte (b. 1828), Charlotte (b. 1800s), Chester 1, Chester B., Claude B., Close, Collins, Constance

Daniel (b. 1714), Daniel (b. 1744), Daniel (b. 1785), David, Deborah, Deborah 1, Delia, Dib, Donald L. 1, Duane F., Dudley C. 1, Dudley C. 2

Ebenezer, Edward R., Elmer L., ELMER E., Elizabeth (b. 1688), Elizabeth (b. 1710), Elizabeth (b. 1715), Elizabeth (b. 1733), Elizabeth (Berwick), Elizabeth (b. 1819), Emma, Emma L., Emma S., Emma Sara, Emily, Esther, Esther B., Eunice (mn?),Eveline S. (Disbrow), Eveline S. 2

Frances M., Frank F.

George, George E.

Hannah (b. 1642), Hannah (b. 1660), Hannah (b. 1672), Hannah (Mead), Hannah (b. 1717), Hannah (b. 1746), Helen (mn?), Henry G., Henry G. 2, Hiram G.,

Hiram (b. 1817)

Ira C., Ira H., Irene, Irene H., Isaac (b. 1690), Isaac (b. 1729), Israel

Jacob, James (b. 1711), James (b. 1812), James H., James L., JANE (mn?), Jane (b. 1818), Jane (b. 1800s), Jared I., Jared (b. 1819), Jean (b. 1500s), Jean (mn?), Jeanette H., Jeannette H., Jeannette S., JOHN (b. 1536), John (b. 1664), John (b. 1707), John (b. 1796), John H., John D., John T., Jonas (b. 1789), Jonas (b. 1814), Jonathan (b. 1631), Jonathan (b. 1679), Jonathan (b. 1702), Jonathan (b. 1739), Joseph (b. 1664), Joseph (b. 1707), Joseph (b. 1721), JOSHUA (b. 1634), Joshua (b. 1662), Joshua (b. 1677), Joshua (b. 1705)

Kenneth D.

LEBBEUS (b. 1745), Lebbeus (b. 1789), Lebbeus (b. 1807), Lebbeus (b. 1800s), LEVI (b. 1817), Levi (b. 1877), Levi A., Louise W., Lummis A., Lydia (b. 1647),

Lydia (b. 1670)

Martha, Matilda, Margaret (b. 1500s), Margaret (b. 1872),Margaret (Belding), Margaret H., Mary (b. 1708), Mary (b. 1745), Mary (b. 1819), Mary (b. 1800s), Mary A., Mary I., Moses (b. 1645), Moses (b. 1666)

Nathaniel, NEHEMIAH (b. 1714), Nehemiah (b. 1741), Nettie, NICHOLAS,

Nicholas (Disbrow)


Rachel (b. 1734), Rachel (b. 1787), Rachel (b. 1806), Rachel (Hammond), Rebecca (b. 1701), Rebecca (b. 1707), Rebecca (b. 1728), Rebecca (b. 1750), Rebecca (b. 1791), Rebecca (b. 1815), Richard, ROBERT (b. 1510), Robert (b. 1700s), Robert (twin b. 1793), Robert (b. 1852), Robert D., Robert E., ROMAINE S., Roscoe S., Ruth R. (b. 1666), RUTH (b. 1640), Ruth (b. 1701), Ruth (b. 1715)

Salome, Samuel (b. 1668), Samuel (b. 1731), Samuel (b. 1735), Samuel (b. 1800s), Sarah (b. 1638), Sarah (b. 1670), Sarah (b. 1674), Sarah (b. 1699), Sarah (b. 1706), Sarah (b. 1708), Sarah (b. 1782), Sarah (b. 1787), Sarah (b. 1816), Silas, Stephen, Susannah, Sylvester

Timothy (b. 1632), Timothy (b. 1668), Timothy (b. 1680), Timothy (b. 1703),

Timothy (b. 1717)


William (b. 1578), William (twin b. 1793), William N., William R., Walter H., Walter S., Wilfred D.

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