Below are some links I thought might prove helpful. If you know of any good links for Knapp family web sites or sites for families related to the Knapps please let me know and I will try and add them here. A lot of these links are for New York and the Rockland County area. That is only because my branch of the Knapp family is from that area.


Lots of information here on the Knapp family. You can spend hours on this site just going through the Knapps 
and related families. You will find a link to this site under sources on several (many?) pages in my records. 
I would like to personally thank Sandra Reynolds-Owens for all the time and effort she put into creating this 
site. There is a page of sources on her site for the records you will find there.

History At Home: A Guide To Genealogy
This site is geared towards the newcomer to genealogy. It explains how to get started and provides helpful hints and links. 
The site was recommended by Abby and Brittney in December 2015. Thank you girls!

Cemeteries of Rockland County New York

This site lists some of the cemeteries in Rockland County. There is some information taken from headstones in various cemeteries. Cemetery caretakers can be a font of information. Records were (are) kept not only by the town officials and funeral homes but by the cemeteries as well. Sometimes the cemeteries have information not only on the deceased but other family members as well.

Links to websites, tools and research, search engines and databases, message boards, family trees, etc.

Cyndi's List - U.S. - New York

If you have been doing genealogy for awhile you have probably been to this site. This link takes you to the New York page of links. There are thousands of others in every imaginable category!

Fairfield County, Connecticut

You might find some help here if you are trying to track down some early Knapp relatives from Horseneck and Fairfield. I lived in this area of Connecticut for a year - before I started doing genealogy! How I wish I knew then what I know now! I would have spent every spare minute in libraries and cemeteries!

Genealogical Records: New York, 1675-1920 | Ancestral Findings Free Genealogy Lookups

I think a lot of this site may be commercial but it looks interesting and you can probably find some help here either for free or a fee if you are willing to pay it.

Genealogical Society of Rockland County

A good place to meet other people researching the Rockland County branch of your family. I met a cousin in Denver through this group and we have been friends ever since. She often visits the LDS library in Salt Lake City and has been a great help to me in my research. Their newsletter is packed with information from old records and other sources. Excellent! Family Finder

Searches the Internet for family information across a wide variety of data

E-Bay - Items matching (Knapp )

It is surprising what turns up when you search this site for the name Knapp. There was a Knapp manufacturer of electrical appliances, a Knapp who designed postage stamps that are a collector's item today, and other Knapps who were in industry, sports, etc. Searches of other sites like the Library of Congress can sometimes turn up interesting results as well. Most of these people are more contemporary but quite interesting.

Knapp Family Genealogy Forum

If you are going here better pour yourself a cup of coffee or a drink and get comfortable - you may be here a long long time! Lots of Knapps from all over the country and the world and lots of information.

Kitchen, Emma to Knapp, William

A database that contains Knapps from Abigail to William. Names and dates with links to parents and children. Easy to navigate. Other families on this page too so you have to look for the Knapps.

Vital Records - New York State Department of Health

How to obtain vital records in New York. Where to send for them, how much they cost, etc.

Social Security Death Index

This database contains information provided by the Social Security Administration through the end of January 2001 and contains 65,303,900 records. It is hosted by I found that while the death dates are usually accurate the birth dates are not always right. I found a cousin we had been searching for in this database. We weren't sure if he was still living or not. If a person was born before Social Security or had retired after it was begun they may not be in here. Also if a person has a Social Security number but the department hasn't been notified of their death they will not come up.

Welcome to Long Island Genealogy

This site looks interesting but I must admit I haven't spent any time on it yet. They have genealogy for sale on CD but there are also free downloads and graphics. Worth a look. Some of the Hedges and Knapps among others lived on Long Island in the 1600s and later.

E-Booksgen Links Page

If you don't find anything useful here you might find something on this site. This link will take you to E-Booksgen's Links Page. On this page are links to books, Canadian history and Canadian genealogy, genealogy links, history links, links for America's Original People, knights and royalty links, links for the UK, research, genealogy societies and newsletters, and links to web pages that contain more genealogy links. Also links to graveyards and sites that will help you find a grave and in some cases provide photos of the grave. It is easier to send you there than it is to list them all again on here! Sorry.


E-WW2DOC Links Page

This link will take you to a page of links that concerns World War II - some of them might be helpful to people reasearching that period. There are links to aircraft, bomb crews, World War II history and links to help people who are trying to find information on family members who served in the war, and more.

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