AIRWAR World War II Aviation History by Edward Jablonski

FIRST EDITION Airwar is a pictorial history of aviation during World War II. Illustrated with over eight hundred photographs, four highly acclaimed works by a noted aviation historian are brought together in two volumes to provide a detailed chronicle of aerial warfare during the Second World War. Jablonski covers the engagements of the British, German, Japanese and US forces in World War II. It is a comprehensive description of various famous engagements, and units during World War II. It also features many of the people that flew and organized the various missions. These two books cover all aspects of the war in all theaters of operation. Major players on both sides of the conflict are covered, as well as views from the front lines by people who participated at the battles themselves.

The first volume contains Terror From The Sky and Tragic Victories. The second volume contains Outraged Skies and Wings Of Fire. Photos in the first volume include; the bombing of Warsaw, Hitler and Goring, the Focke-Wulf 200, Junkers 88, British carrier Glorious, Armstrong Whitworth a.k.a. the Flying Barn Door, Bristol Blenheims over France, Hurricanes, Edgar J. Kain first British ace of WW II, Rotterdam after the Luftwaffe bombed it, the beach at Dunkirk, Messerschmitts, Spitfires, Ju-87 Stuka, an RAF operations room, scenes of air battles over Kent, England, Lockheed Hudsons, some of Churchill's pilots who flew in the Battle Of Britain, a German crew being taken prisoner, Luftwaffe target map of London, London burning during a blitz, people sleeping in the London Underground during an air raid, Wellingtons on a mission to Germany, Pearl Harbor from the air a few weeks before the attack, Mitsubishi Zero, attack on Pearl Harbor, Hickam Field after the attack, General Chennault, Curtis P-40, the Flying Tigers, James (Jimmy) Doolittle, Admiral Nimitz, flight deck of the Hornet, vengeance balloons, Brewster F2A, the Battle of Midway, Grumman TBF (Avenger), Japanese torpedo bombers, sinking of the Yorktown, Lockheed P-38 "Lightning", King George VI, Avro "Manchester", Lancasters, de Havilland "Mosquito", the Wallis bomb being dropped, Roosevelt, Churchill, and their chief military advisors including Henry (Hap) Arnold in Casablanca, Liberators on a mission in North Africa, the attack on Ploesti, battle over Schweinfurt and many more photos of famous pilots, military commanders, battles, etc. with accompanying text.

Photos in the second volume include; Curtis C-46 "Commando", B-17E, Aircobra, Douglas A-20 "Havoc" skip-bombing a freighter, Japanese fighter pilots, C-47, air battle in New Guinea, attack on Simpson Harbor, Japanese Nakajima L2D, D-Day Guadalcanal, Bell P-39, Marine Wildcat, Consolidated PBY "Catalina", the Battle Of Santa Cruz, Corsairs, Robert M. Hanson and Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, Boyington and his Black Sheep, Carrier strike on Wake Island, Hellcat in flames landing on carrier, the invasion of Saipan, Thunderbolts aboard the carrier Manila Bay, Guam secured, Mussolini, Edwin Rommel the "Desert Fox", flying over the pyramids of Egypt, Mitchell medium bombers, General Eisenhower in Sicily, Thunderbolts flying over the Apennines, Mitchells flying over an boiling Mount Vesuvius, Marauders crossing the Alps, bombs being dropped on the Focke-Wulf factory, 384th Bomb Group on a mission, P-51 Mustang, Dornier 217, 8th AF Flying Fortresses flying into flak over target, photo of the 384th Bomb Group after they bombed Berlin, Berlin being bombed, Normandy Beach 1 month before D-Day, "Horsa" gliders, Hawker "Typhoon", Lightnings flying in formation, and much more. Too many to list here. Some of these photos are full page size. Many rare photos - all of them in black and white. Each book has a double page spread showing the different types of a/c in color.

Published in 1971 by Doubleday & Company Inc. These books are 11.25 inches high by 8.5 inches wide. Hard cover. Volume one is 192 pages not including the index. Volume two is 228 pages not including the index. Both books are in very good condition. The covers show some very minor wear at the top and bottom of the spines but inside all the pages are clean with no foxing or discoloration and they are all tight to the binding.


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