THE AVIATION ANNUAL OF 1944 edited by Reginald M. Cleveland & Frederick P. Graham

FIRST EDITION. A complete and up-to-date record of American progress in the air. Edited by Reginald M. Cleveland & Frederick P. Graham. "Highly informative and up-to-the minute. The Aviation Annual of 1944 brings to the air-minded reader all the newest developments of the year in the realm of American aviation. Profusely illustrated with sixty-four pages of photographs, this book covers all phases of military and civil aviation and makes exciting and instructive reading not only for the aviation enthusiast but for the general reader as well. This is a completely new book written to tell American readers the exciting, authoritative story of this country's amazing strides in the world of aviation during the year 1943. Today, when the aircraft factories of the United States are outproducing the entire world and when American planes are setting the pace on a dozen battle fronts, The Aviation Annual Of 1944 helps us to understand the forces that are daily shaping our lives and our world. The true meaning of American air power; training of Army and Navy Airmen; new developments in the use of paratroops and glider troops; civil and military air transport; and the miracle of our country's all-out aircraft production - all are lucidly discussed and graphically illustrated in this remarkable volume. The Aviation Annual of 1944 is unique not only because it is packed with interesting and pertinent information, but because every chapter of the book has an introduction contributed by the country's leading aviation expert in the particular field that the chapter cover. For example, General H. H. (Hap) Arnold, Vice-Admiral John S. McCain, and Glen L. Martin, who contributed introductions to chapters devoted to the U.S. Army Air Forces, Naval Aviation and Aircraft Manufacturing respectively, are all men of high authority whose opinions are respected by air-minded readers throughout the country. The fact that men of this caliber have written pieces for this publication demonstrates that they expect this will be the outstanding aviation book of its kind on the market." Some of the photos include: Havoc; Marauder; Curtis P-40s; Curtis AT-9 Jeeps; Sikorsky Helicopter; Fairchild PT-19; Glider; AT-21 Gunner; Thunderbolt; Corsair; Ryan PT22; United commercial a/c; airmail pickup; TWA modification center; and much more. All photos are in black and white. Published in 1943. No ISBN or LCCN. This book is 10.25 inches high by 7.25 inches wide. Hard cover - 224 pages including the index. The dust jacket shows some signs of wear but the book itself is in excellent condition. There is some slight foxing or staining on the inside of the front and back covers. There is no foxing or staining on the pages. They are all clean and tight to the binding.


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