THE AIR FORCE BLUE BOOK Tom Compere editor

The USAF Yearbook Volume I. Tom Compere editor and William P. Vogel Jr. managing editor. The photographs in this book are selected from the official files of the United States Air Force with the exception of the picture of the flightline at Loring Air Force Base, Maine. The TOC includes: The Air Force, Power For Peace; NORAD, Defense Alert, USAFE, NATO's Mighty Muscle; SAGE, Electronic Sentinel, SAC, Shield Against Aggressors; Records Set At Edwards; Little Black Box Grows Up; Making Friends In Latin America; The Pentagon's Trigger Room; Riding Atlas Into Space; The Women Also Serve; Civil Air Patrol , Always Vigilant; Russia, Fifty Miles Away; The Conquest Of Space; Boyd, Pioneer; Yeager, Faster Than Sound; Straughold, Space Professor; Stapp, G Force Expert; Kincheloe, X-2 Pilot; Simons, Space Doctor; Farrell, 'Spaceman'; Griffith, Missileman; Bailing Wire And Fabric Crates by Rickenbacker; The B-29 Superfortress; The X-15 Aimed Toward Space; and much more. 31 glossy pages of black and white photographs. Published in 1959. This book is 7.5 inches high by 5.5 inches wide. Soft cover - 382 pages including the index. The cover shows some signs of wear in keeping with its age. The Acknowledgements page and Dedication page are not secured at the top of the page. All the other pages are tight to the binding and all the pages are clean.


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