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 This is a small electronic publishing company owned and operated by Patricia Mullaney. My forte is early American history with a strong background in genealogy. I wrote Airman because I had all the material for the book and I had been asked to do it. After the book was finished this web site was started and I've been adding to it from time to time. I will maintain this website and do updates when I can.

One thing I would strongly advise family members and friends of our World War Two veterans to do is to video tape their stories now while you have the opportunity. I think many people are going to regret not doing this in years to come. It would be a family heirloom - a piece of your family history. I only wish I had known enough to ask more questions and get the story on tape when I had the chance. If you don't have video - audio will do. I think it is very important that these stories be preserved for future generations. And our children and grandchildren will be getting the real story - not a whitewashed version and not a Hollywood version. They will know how it really was. And to all our World War Two veterans I would like to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

 Publishing Format: All our books are published in the Adobe Acrobat format. They are all cross-platform Mac/PC and will run on either a Macintosh or PC system.

Shipping: We ship media mail. Delivery normally takes 3-4 days or less.

Cookies: There are no cookies on our site. We do not track people who visit this web site. We do not for any reason sell, trade or give away any information given to us when placing an order.

Credit Cards: Because we are a small company we are using PayPal to handle credit card orders over the internet. We also take orders via snail mail.

Links on our site: We have put a few pages of links on this site that may be helpful mainly to people doing genealogical and historical research. We are not trying to compete with websites that have thousands of links. We are just giving people who may be just starting to do research a place to start.

E-Mail: We try to respond to all the mail we receive. If you see something on these pages that you really like, if you have a complaint or a suggestion - we would like to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail anytime.



Availability: Some important genealogies and historical books that were published 100 years ago or more are no longer in print. They can only be obtained through a rare book dealer at great expense. Some books that have been republished are again out of print. If a book is published electronically it can be obtained at any time for about the same cost as when it was originally released on disk. It is not necessary to run off 10,000 copies. One copy can be reproduced in a short amount of time - any time. This is known as POD or Print On Demand.

Convenience: Many of the genealogies and other material used for reference work were not indexed at the time of their publication - or had a limited index. If you are looking for a particular date or place or event you can search the text to find what you are looking for without having to do a manual search which is required with a "hard copy."

Storage: Less space is required to store a computer disk than a book. Backups can be made of a disk. You do not have to worry about acid leak, pages disintegrating, foxing or discoloration and myriad other problems connected with aging books written on paper.

Printing: If you wish a printed copy of certain parts of an electronic book you can print out just the information you are interested in or the entire book can be printed out if that is desired.

Print Size: For people who have problems reading small text, the text in our electronic books can be enlarged in Acrobat for easier reading.

Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded over the internet for free at this link. It is furnished free with your order and is available in both PC and Macintosh format. If you visit Adobe's site you will find downloads for other formats as well.

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