"The rise of Adolf Hitler to supreme power is one of those events in world history which are almost totally inexplicable in any rational terms. The improbable adventurer who conquered the German people by the sheer force of his will, and then armed them and set out to conquer the world, was an unlikely candidate for the mantle of Napoleon or Alexander the Great, yet he conquered vaster areas than they ever conquered, and he left on world history claw-marks so deep that it is unlikely that the wounds will be healed for centuries to come. He was one of those rare men who from time to time emerge from obscurity to shake the world to its foundations. Includes a family tree, photos of Hitler, some of his sketches and paintings, photos of Eva Braun and various officers who served under Hitler, and other photos as well. TOC includes: The Young Hitler - The Years of the Locust - War And Revolution - The Revolutionary - The Claws Of The Cat - The Enjoyment Of Power - The Easy Conquests - The Conqueror - The War Of Annihilation - The World Fights Back - Catastrophe. Published in 1973 by Praeger Publishers. LOCCN 72-92891 Hard cover. This book measures 9 inches high by 5.75 inches wide. 623 pages including the index. The dust jacket shows some signs of wear but the rest of the book is in excellent condition.


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