JANE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AVIATION Complied and edited by Michael J. Taylor

"From the renowned Jane's Directories, here is a comprehensive, one volume encyclopedia of the world's aircraft with more than 5,000 entries and more than 2,000 illustrations. The history of flight from hot air balloons to the SST." Contains many full page color photographs. All the pages that do not contain color photos have black and white photographs or illustrations. Some of the aircraft covered are: Avro - Beechcraft - Bell - Boeing - Cessna - Curtiss - de Havilland - Embraer - Fairey - Fiat - Frock Wulf - Grumman - Hawker - Henschel - Hughes - Junkers - Kawasaki - Lockheed - Macchi - Messerschmit - Mitsubishi - Percival - Piper - Polikarpov - Potez - Rockwell - Saab - Sikorsky - Sopworth - Stinson - Vickers - Voisin - Zeppelin - and many more. Also included are exploded diagrams of such a/c as the Spad. Covers private, commercial, military, historic and antique aircraft including aircraft from World War II. Beautifully illustrated. Published in 1989 by Portland House. Measures 10.75 inches high by 8.5 inches wide. 948 pages not including the index. This book is in excellent condition however there is an inscription on the flyleaf and minor wear on the back of the dust jacket. Please note the shipping costs are higher than normal because this book weighs almost 8 pounds. ISBN 0-517-69186-8


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