1925 - 1985

Rickard (Dick) Mullaney was born on December 20, 1925. He died on October 27,1985. He was a real estate broker by profession. He was divorced and left three sons. If it wasn't for Dick this web site wouldn't exist. During World War Two he was a gunner on the B-17s and was in the 13th Combat Wing, 3rd Bomb Division, 8th AAAF. He was stationed at Thorpe Abbotts Airbase in England. He was in the 100th Bombardment Group which acquired the nickname "The Bloody Hundredth" because it sustained such heavy losses on individual missions. Dick was my father-in-law but I never really knew anything about his experiences in the war until after he died. Among his effects were a couple of journals he had written during the war and I wrote a book centered around those journals and that led to this web site. How I wish I had had the chance to talk to him about his experiences in the war in person. Through the internet and over the phone I met some of the men he flew with. It would have been wonderful if only he could have talked to them too. Rest in peace Dick. We miss you.

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