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These graphics are courtesy of Rowland Hetrick. He was in the 8th Army Air Force and stationed in England at Thorpe Abbotts.The bomber jacket is named to Chin Up Girl (a/c #44-6505) The picture of the two men in the a/c are William (Bill) A. Marienthal who was the bombardier and is seen in the nose of the plane. Rowland Hetrick was the navigator and is seen at his table on the left behind one of his two guns. These men were part of the Walter Radke crew. The crew consisted of: 2nd Lt. Walter R. Radke - pilot; 2nd Lt. George T. Bartek - co-pilot; 2nd Lt. Rowland L. Hetrick - navigator; 2nd Lt. William A. Marienthal - bombardier; S/Sgt. Gilman H. Sylvester - radio/gunner; S/Sgt. Robert C. Ault - top turret gunner and engineer; Sgt. Harold E. Murray, Jr. - ball turret gunner; Sgt. Philip J. Galletta - waist gunner; Sgt. Davis B. Leonard - waist gunner; Sgt. William E. Hunter, Jr. - tail gunner. Harold Murray and Rowland Hetrick are two of the surviving members of this crew.

Walter Radke CrewPhotos

Aircraft #45505
Bill Marienthal and Rowland Hetrick
Chin Up Girl
Little Grey Rabbit Patch

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