VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER - 1942 by Major Alexander P. de Seversky

Published in 1942 by Simon and Schuster. 354 pages and 48 black and white photographs and illustrations. Major Seversky fought as a pilot in World War One and held many aviation records and honors. He designed fighting planes and bombsights. From the dust jacket flap: "Already we in America can make planes that will fly to any enemy capital, drop a load of bombs, and return to our shores. Yet we have failed to unchain our potential air power. Earthbound brass hats and diehard believers in sea power have left the offensive to the Axis. They have refused to permit our nation to take the offensive ourselves - in the air. Every major battle in this war has underlined the importance of air power. Germany won Poland, Norway, France, and Crete by controlling the air. It was the RAF that saved Britain. Aircraft played a major role in the great battles on Russian soil. Japan blasted Pear Harbor from the air. As the author points out, we shall lose the war unless we begin to think and fight primarily in terms of air power. The strategy of victory calls for a separate air force and a unified high command." This book gives a view of World War Two from the heat of battle rather than from the distant future of today. TOC includes: The Challenges to America - Skagerrak and Dunkirk - The Battle of Britain - The Mediterranean and the Bismark - Possession or Elimination - Air-Power Lessons for America - The Twilight of Sea Power - Europe's Aviation Mistakes-and Ours - The Ordeal of American Air Power - The Emancipation of Air Power - Organization of Air Supremacy - and Victory Through Air Power! Includes a photo of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. RANGER with a deck full of biplanes! Another really great photo is of the author in a Farman-4 taken in 1915. The photo is sharp and clear and amazing! Photos and illustrations also feature the Messerschmitt 109, Dornier D-215, the Hurricane, the Spitfire, and more. Hard cover. This book measures 8 inches high by 5 inches wide. The dust jacket shows signs of age and wear but the book itself is in excellent condition. There is no foxing or staining of the pages and they are all tight to the binding.


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