THE FIRST WAR PLANES by William E. Barrett

This magazine includes Famous WW I Aces; Early Aerial Combat; Scouting Planes; The First Fighters; Baron Von Richthofen; WW I Bombers; The Flying Circus; Lafayette Escadrille; Bloody April; and American Squadrons. Black and white photographs on nearly every page. Some of the photos include: Orville Wright and his airplane; Glen H. Curtiss; barnstormer Billy Parker; Vickers R.E.P.; Blériot; Bristol B Scout; the Avro; the Aviatik; the 1915 Voisin; Roland Garros first man to fire a machine gun through the prop; Anthony Fokker in his 1915 monoplane; Eugene Gilbert; Oswald Boelcke; Rumpler C-1; Albatros C-1; Caudron G-4 in flight; Roland Whale C-2; Georges Guynember French WW I ace; aces of the Lafayette Escadrille; Oswald Boelcke; German Drome at Douai; Werner Voss German flying ace; the Spad 7; French Strutter; Capt. Albert Ball V.C.; René Dorme of the Stork Escadrille; Manfred Von Richthofen; WW I combat photo; the Aviatik C-5; the De Havilland 6; Richthofen and his pilots; the Gotha; the Sopwith Triplane; Billy Bishop V.C.; Curtiss J-N-4 or Jenny; Lothar Von Richthofen; Edmond Genet from NY of the Lafayette Escadrille; Werner Voss; Commandant Marquis de Turenne; Caproni-A; 2nd Lt. Alan Winslow; Hermann Goering; Eddie Rickenbacker; Brig. Gen. William (Billy) Mitchell; Quentin Roosevelt; the American D.H.4; Frank Luke U.S.A.S.; Maj. William C. Barker from Canada; the Sopwith Salamander; and many more. TOC: Before The War; 1914-1915; 1916; 1917; and 1918. While there are a great many photographs in this magazine there are also in-depth biographies of the men who invented the planes, the men who built them and the men who flew them. In-depth background information is given on the planes and histories are given of the various flying groups mentioned such as the Lafayette Escadrille and the United States Air Service (USAS.) Published in 1960. This magazine is A Fawcett How To Book published by Fawcett Books. It is 9.25 inches high by 6.5 inches wide. Soft cover - 144 pages. The cover is detached from the magazine and shows some signs of wear in keeping with its age. All the pages of the magazine are clean and tight to the binding. There is no foxing or staining of the pages.


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