by General Chuck Yeager and Leo Janos

An autobiography of Chuck Yeager. General Chuck Yeager was the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound. In World War Two he shot down a Messerschmitt jet with a P-51 Mustang. He joined the Air Force at 18. During WW II he was shot down over occupied France and escaped with the help of the French resistance. In 1947 he won world-wide recognition as a test pilot when he broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 while flying despite cracked ribs from a riding accident. He commanded a fighter squadron in Europe, flew tactical bombers in Southeast Asia and supervised military defense in the Pakistan-India war. Told in his own words with reminiscences from his wife, Glennis and friends and colleagues who knew him best. Includes approximately 13 pages of black and white photographs. Published in 1985 by Bantam Books. ISBN 0-553-05093-1 Hard cover. Measures 8.75 inches high by 5.75 inches wide. 342 pages including the index. The dust jacket has seen better days but the book itself is in excellent condition.


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